July 13 Milonga 5 pm report: Either in or out / read on

I have loaded the floor into my car and will arrive at Seaport at 6 pm. If rain is obvious at that point then we will not set up  and instead go to 1084 Tower rd (Halifax Shambhala Centre)  for indoor milonga at  7 pm start time.   Sorry I cannot be more specific, The sun was shining 10 minutes ago!!

June 29: Milonga del Puerto 2024 Halifax waterfront: Happy Canada Day weekend!

Dance spot: Lower Water St, Foot of Morris St.at Trellis area opposite NS Power and the new apartment building.

6 pm: Floor Unloaders   set-up Helpers meet at seaport market closest drop off area to dance Gazebo. ( by round-about).  NEW HELPERS WOULD BE GREAT!  Please let me know!

Milonga: 6:30-9 pm or dew fall  whichever comes first. NO back up location,

If it rains, we cancel. Cancellations posted by 5 pm day of.

By Donation. Read more about Halifax waterfront tango on this site’s events page..