Welcome to Tangonova


“This is how to dance the tango!
Feel the blood rise to your face with every beat;
While an arm winds like a snake
Around a waist that is about to break.
This is how to dance the tango!”


Founded in 2003 by dance instructor Margaret Spore, Tangonova is dedicated to establishing an authentic tango presence in Nova Scotia. Intimate, improvisational and challenging. Argentine tango is truly the dance of fearless passion.

To inquire about classes at any level in Argentine tango, contact Margaret at 902-229-8585.  Tangonova offers classes for both new beginners and experienced students, in all genres of of the dance.  Singles and couples  of all ages welcome, as well as those learning both roles.

July 13 Milonga 5 pm report: Either in or out / read on

I have loaded the floor into my car and will arrive at Seaport at 6 pm. If rain is obvious at that point then we will not set up  and instead go to 1084 Tower rd (Halifax Shambhala Centre)  for indoor milonga at  7 pm start time.   Sorry I cannot be more specific, The sun was shining 10 minutes ago!!

June 29: Milonga del Puerto 2024 Halifax waterfront: Happy Canada Day weekend!

Dance spot: Lower Water St, Foot of Morris St.at Trellis area opposite NS Power and the new apartment building.

6 pm: Floor Unloaders   set-up Helpers meet at seaport market closest drop off area to dance Gazebo. ( by round-about).  NEW HELPERS WOULD BE GREAT!  Please let me know!

Milonga: 6:30-9 pm or dew fall  whichever comes first. NO back up location,

If it rains, we cancel. Cancellations posted by 5 pm day of.

By Donation. Read more about Halifax waterfront tango on this site’s events page..