Welcome to Tangonova


“This is how to dance the tango!
Feel the blood rise to your face with every beat;
While an arm winds like a snake
Around a waist that is about to break.
This is how to dance the tango!”


Founded in 2003 by dance instructor Margaret Spore, Tangonova is dedicated to establishing an authentic tango presence in Nova Scotia. Intimate, improvisational and challenging. Argentine tango is truly the dance of fearless passion.

To inquire about classes at any level in Argentine tango, contact Margaret at 902-229-8585.  Tangonova offers classes for both new beginners and experienced students, in all genres of of the dance.  Singles and couples  of all ages welcome, as well as those learning both roles.

Info on Summer Milongas 2019

Here’s the scoop on Tangonova milongas in the summer:
I’ve booked the waterfront for the Milonga Del Puerto,  Saturdays,  June 22  thru Sept 8, 2019 from  6:30-9:30 pm (weather permitting). Last year similar schedule resulted in only 5 waterfront milongas!
I use 1313 Hollis as a bad weather back up to the waterfront  and try ensure there’s  a milonga at least every two weeks, indoor or out. This means if the weather permits, we may dance outside two Saturdays in a row but if the weather is bad two weeks in a row, only one of those Saturdays will be inside.
The indoor Hollis St milonga 1313 starts later/8-11 pm or 8:30-11:30.
If you want to know when the milongas will be, make sure you are on my email list and/or check my web site  for latest news. On iffy weather Saturdays, location or cancellation announced by 5 pm.
Milonga del Puerto (waterfront) =   typically $5
Milonga 1313 (Hollis St/later) = $10 
If  you would like to DJ sometime inside or out, let me know.
FYI I will be at a beach cottage Aug 14-21. There will be a milonga with Tomas at the Round Church Aug 17.
On the waterfront we dance on rolled out vinyl sheets – 8 of them. Helpers are needed to unload, unroll and tape the floor together. Then we hang lights. I am excited to try out a new set I got!
Are you willing to help make the Milonga del Puerto happen now and then? I will need set-up volunteers thru out the summer. To kick off the effort, send me an email with your general weekend availability June 22-Sept 8.  BTW,  unlke 1313, I cannot set up the outdoor floor alone. If no one offers  to help, I either cancel or sit at the waterfront until someone arrives. 
Contact: Margaret 902-229-8585


Tangonova May/June Class Schedule 2019

Spring  Program 2019
All Classes at 1313 Hollis St.

Please note that a few of these classes may switch times. For example, if  Sunday Leading Ladies does not get sufficient enrolment, then Wednesday Maestro Review and Musicality could move to that slot, as has been requested by several students. Also The Beginner  Tango Fundamentals  Level I could move to  Monday at 6:15, so indicate your preference.

Monday, May 6- June 10: Meat  & Potatoes Tango II (beg/int)                                                                                                             7:30-9 pm =Emphasis on expanding basic vocabulary & integrating it into a sustainable dance,  using music and the embrace as a resource. Level: Beyond Level I, and seeking the goals of this class. About 3- 12 months or more  of prior training.

Wednesday, May 1-June 12  (could switch to Monday, 6:15-730, indicate first choice)
Beginner Tango Fundamentals  Level I 
No previous experience required!
Wednesday, May 1-June 12 
Maestro Review & More Musicality (int/adv)
Let’s rock the floor with our  expressive rhythms and  not forget what we just learned!
Some review and some new material.
8-9:30 pm
Sunday, May 5- June 2 Leading Ladies & Their Followers
For women learning to lead and follow.
2-3:30 pm
(various locations!)
Cost  per person
6 weeks – $85 /student $65
4 weeks = $60/student $50
Drop-in = $20/student $15
Classes of less than 7 may will be held at Tangonova’s  home studio.
Pre-registration: 902-229-8585
Check out Tangonova or East Coast Tango Society on FB


Spring Milonga Schedule 2019

Upcoming Halifax Milongas (tango social dance events)
April 13: Milonga 1313 with DJ Michael Scott/1313 Hollis St
April 27: Tangonova Milonga 1313 with Brigitta!
May 11: Milonga 1313/Hollis St.
May 25 : Milonga 1313/Hollis St.
June 8: Tomas Howlin Milonga/St George Round Church/Hlaifax
June 22: Milonga indoor or outdoor!! Stay  tuned.
Summer milongas on the Halifax waterfront/TBA!
Note: There is no instruction offered at the Milonga. However, from time to time, Tangonova will offer a drop-in class beforehand. These will be posted under Classes and Events on this web site.