Make Merry at the Holiday Milonga, Saturday December 16!


7:30-10:30 pm
Fusion Dance & Wellness, studio A
59 McQuade Lake Crescent (in Bayer’s Lake)
In advance $13 single/ $25 couple =  e-transfer to  <>
$15 cash at the door.
Recycled Gift Exchange Game*: 
Each participant brings an unmarked  wrapped gift, a pre-owned item no longer of use to them but potentially of value to others. Nothing extravagant, no need to buy anything.  When you arrive place your present on the gift table and get a number from the DJ.  She will explain the game to everyone or read the details in classes and events.

November 11 Workshop & Community Practica : Tango Sweet Spots – Ice breaker Ochos

Here’s the second of my monthly community Practicas with pre-practica all levels workshop. Join other enthusiastic tango learners, practice and help solve  problems together.
 Saturday afternoon at Happy Souls Studio : Ice breaker Ochos??  could be a beginner’s first ever tango move, or a  step  even those experienced dancers  overlooked!
See events and classes listing or more info.



Fall Milonga Schedule 2023

Sept 2: Labour day weekend Milonga Del Puerto!  & Maybe for a few more Saturdays!
Indoor Milongas: (last Saturdays of the month, then Dec)
Sept 30
Oct 28 (Halloween-themed)
Nov 25
Holiday Milonga Dec 16
TBA Dec 31 (New Year’s eve  Sunday) Any interest??
Fusion Dance & Wellness, studio A or B
Time: 59 McQuade Lake Crescent (Bayers Lake),Halifax
8-11 pm, unless there is a drop in class before hand.


Aug 12 Milonga Del Puerto!!!

Looking like a fair-weather evening, so come on down while the summer lasts! How about helping with set up at 6:15?  Contact Margaret 902-229-8585. Read events details under classes and events.

2023 Milonga Del Puerto on the Halifax Waterfront/Dates

Note: June 24 is  happening  on the waterfront/  weather looks good now at 5 pm – see the listing below!!
2023 Milonga Del Puerto on the Halifax Waterfront
Foot of Morris St, at the Trellis area.
Typically Saturday evening, 6:30-9:30 or dew fall
Potential Summer Milonga Del Puerto Dates:   June 17 – September 16 
Plus Special events & Exceptions**
CANCELLED/ bad weather: June 17:  Opening Milonga Del Puerto (currently 60 % chance of rain forecast – booo).
**June 24: Tango Por El Clima & Milonga Del Puerto Combo!  (See Tangonova Events schedule for details)
Back-up indoor location: Haliente Studio on Barrington.
July 1 Canada Day Milonga!
July 8 & 15* Yes, scheduled.
**July 22: No Milonga Del Puerto due to Guest teacher Tomas Howlin Milonga at Fusion.
July 29, Aug 5, Aug 12, Aug 19 Yes, scheduled.
**Aug 26 No Milonga Del Puerto because Tangonova on vacation at  Inverness Beach!
Sept 2 Labour Day Milonga
Sept 9 or 16 = Yes, if we really want  to be dancing outdoors, because we missed a bunch of Saturdays.
Whether the weather: or how to know if a milonga is happening. Decisions are sometimes made as late as 5 pm on Saturday, so DO check my web site before heading down, if the situation looks iffy.
Dance floor & set-up: we dance on taped together sheets of vinyl rolled out over the wooden planks of the boardwalk.  Set-up of the dance floor requires about 4 limber volunteers. Consider being one of them now and then.  If the floor gets wet, due to sudden showers, or dew, I  will stop the dancing due to risk of slipping.
By Donation:  cash or e-transfer.
Seating: Benches provided on site,  or  bring a chair or find one on the boardwalk.
Bathrooms: Closest are Bicycle Thief Restaurant Bishops Landing (north) or Garrisons Brew Pub at Seaport (south).
Parking:  Seaport lot free, Morris St, Hollis St, Super Store,  etc.
*Jazz Festival  congestion  July 15 = try to avoid having to drive from Morris down Lower Water St during the festival – it doesn’t move and you cannot turn left for ever.

What is a “Milonga”?



squeeze-box-argentina_11322_600x450*The word Milonga has two meanings, often confusing for beginner dancers! 1) Milonga, is a gathering/ tango dance party: an event where people are dancing to recordings of tangos, vals or milonga (see second meaning). USE: I am going to the milonga tonight. 2) Milonga, also refers to the name of a dance form  in the tango genre (tango, vals, and milonga)  with  an upbeat 2/4 rhythm, and classes are offered in Milonga.  Historically the milonga dance form pre-dates tango, and has more Afro- Caribbean roots.  USE: Let’s take that milonga class so  we can dance the milonga set at next Saturday’s milonga.

Milonga Event Format:  Tango is a traveling dance that moves counter clockwise along the line of dance. Ideally couples “navigate” respectfully  on the dance floor, not passing one another or colliding or stalling the flow. Music is played by a DJ in tandas (sets) of 3-4 songs of one type (tango, vals or milonga). The end of the tanda (set) is marked by a cortina (curtain) – a short  non-tango riff of 25-35 seconds. This is the time to escort one another off the dance floor and switch partners, if you like. When a couple choose to dance together, it is customary to dance out the full tanda, not rotating until the cortina. Should either  person decide to end the partnership mid-tanda,  it would be considered rude for him or her  to then acquire a new partner for that same tanda. These are customs not rules. If you are planning to dance at milongas in Buenos Aires, additional codigos (codes) may apply, useful to know  and readily available on the internet.

About Halifax Milongas

FALL 2020 Edgett Dance  and Wellness Centre/monthly:  see events listing for fall 202o.

SUMMER  Milonga Del Puerto Mid-June thru mid-September  = look for tango on the Halifax waterfront. Foot of Morris at  Lower Water St/across Cunard parking lot. Likely Saturday evenings. Weather permitting!

For current info, Check web calendar or tangonova  or East Coast Tango Society  FB page  /or get on my email list.

Regular  DJ = Leggy Peggy (mostly traditional tango recordings  from the golden age of tango with  a few contemporary sets. Requests honoured, when in keeping with group spirit.  Occasional Guest DJs,   local or out of town visitors.