Early Milonga 1313 (& post -milonga birthday event!)

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Date(s) - 02/03/2019
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

1313 Hollis St


Milonga 1313/7-10 pm/1313 Hollis St (parking in lot beside building or on surrounding streets).


DJ = Leggy Peggy

Post milonga birthday party: Tango folks are welcome to join me to continue dancing up the street at Francois Guitton’s 50th birthday ( rented venue & address provided at milonga).

For those who may not know: Francois and his wife Felicia (then Katie) were Halifax’ original tango dancers, and organized my first weekend workshop when I moved here in fall 2003. Without them, I would not have had the courage or support I needed to get the tango off the ground here. I am most grateful to them and to Tomas Howlin for telling me in summer 2003 that this tango couple, former students of his, were now in Halifax, and that the woman had in fact taken her first tango lessons with me!  (How information spread before FB!)

Yes, Felicia was a student at a seminar I taught at Halifax Dance  in 1996  when I was in town for a few months visiting my daughter, enrolled at  NSCAD. Felicia went off to college in Ottawa and met Francois at a tango class there. They  moved to Halifax and began a family (as well as a tango practica! )  They now have three boys and don’t make it to too many tango practices. They love music and tango and are wonderful dancers.

Francois says there will be dancing, including tango, but not only tango. He know the tango folks are coming late , and everyone is welcome.  It is a BYOB and potluck, in case you want to bring anything. The venue has a nice wood floor.