Tangonova Winter Milonga Schedule 2018

Winter  Milonga* calendar 2018  = Argentine Tango Social Dance Events*

Tangonova   milongas:  first Saturday:  Jan 6, Feb 3, March 3 & (5th Saturday) March 31. Check this site calendar for details re start time and pre-milonga class offerings.

Location : 1313 Hollis St, parking lot north side. Usually 8-11 pm or 9-midnight.

YouTwoCanTango  milongas at Ft Massey Church: 3rd Saturdays in Jan/Feb/March. Check their web site for details.

Tangonova Milonga Details

COST = $10 at the door/$7 students. Start time = Varies/ 8:30-11:30 or 9-midnight/check web or tangonova  FB events listing /or get on my email list.

Regular  DJ = Leggy Peggy (mostly traditional tango recordings  from the golden age of tango with  a few contemporary sets. Requests honoured, especially from guests, so not always predictable.)      Guest DJs : Michael Scott, Kirill Rosen, occassional  out of town visitors.

BYOB (glasses provided)

Help with set up  appreciated. Call Margaret for more info/lessons/suggestions/ etc. 902-229-8585




*The word Milonga has two meanings, often confusing for beginner dancers! 1) Milonga, as used here, is a gathering/ tango dance party: an event where people are dancing to recordings of tangos, vals or milonga (see second meaning). USE: I am going to the milonga tonight. 2) Milonga, also refers to the name of a dance form  in the tango genre (tango, vals, and milonga)  with  an upbeat 2/4 rhythm. Historically the milonga dance form pre-dates tango, and has more Afro- Caribbean roots.  USE: Let’s take that milonga class so  we can dance the milonga set at next Saturday’s milonga.

Milonga Event Format:  Tango is a traveling dance that moves counter clockwise along the line of dance. Ideally couples “navigate” respectfully  on the dance floor, not passing one another or colliding or stalling the flow. Music is played by a DJ in tandas (sets) of 3-4 songs of one type (tango, vals or milonga). The end of the tanda (set) is marked by a cortina (curtain) – a short  non-tango riff of 25-35 seconds. This is the time to escort one another off the dance floor and switch partners, if you like. When a couple choose to dance together, it is customary to dance out the full tanda, not rotating until the cortina. Should either  person decide to end the partnership mid-tanda,  it would be considered rude for him or her  to then acquire a new partner for that same tanda. These are customs not rules. If you are planning to dance at milongas in Buenos Aires, additional codigos (codes) may apply, useful to know  and readily available on the internet.



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