Tango and the lifting of Pandemic Restrictions (March 22/2022)

Changes are a foot in our province!
As we approach the lifting of the Covid pandemic restrictions in Nova Scotia on March 22, I have a few burning questions: What does it all mean, given that the Covid virus is still around? How does it impact you and your desire to dance tango? Of particular significance to me is whether our community is ready to support a monthly milonga again. I’ve got one booked for April 9!
Read below how tango will change    and/or  join the zoom discussion Saturday,
March 19, 5 – 6 pm.  If you did not receive invite, contact Tangonova.
No proof of vaccine required for attendance, masking optional, no more social distancing or capacity rules, no more contact tracing/reporting/ other than your immediate family.
Masking:Masking on the dance floor will be optional, rather than a studio requirement. That means one might choose to mask while dancing, and not to mask while socializing off the dance floor. Or not mask at all. Previously at numerous milongas during the pandemic, we behaved thus, respecting our partners’ needs. There were no covid outbreaks since Señor Omicron had not yet come to Halifax!
Rotation:Our community is a vibrant mixture of couples and singles. For the Milonga to be a happening event for everyone, rather than only couples, we need mingling, otherwise known as rotation, on the dance floor. How comfortable are you with rotation?
Participation:We need 20 plus people to support a milonga and that means couples and singles. The top attendance at the practica since February has been 12.
Without your support there is no milonga or guest teacher workshops! What matters here is not my  analysis but YOUR COMFORT LEVEL/your willingness to participate. My sense is that people may choose to wait and see what happens after March break when vacationers return, school reconvenes and masks are no longer required.
The Good and the Bad:  Thru out much of the pandemic, we were one of the few tango communities able to dance  regularly  with only short shut downs, thanks to NS flattening the curve and achieving  80%+ vaccine rate.  But Señor Omicron’s contagious personality has been a game changer for our small tango scene.  Full vaccination & booster have proved to be protection from serious covid for most people, but a positive test remains highly inconvenient, especially for those with international travel plans.
I want to see this community reboot, yet the pandemic trajectory is out of my control – it’s all speculation. Come speculate with me – what do you need in order to return to tango?
Join the zoom call this Saturday March 19, 5-6 pm or contact me via email or phone.
Talking together is a good thing.
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