Halifax and the unexpected third wave of Covid 19!

The last post I wrote was a year ago and questioned whether or not we could gather safely. Luckily for us , for 1o months of that time, we were able to gather with restrictions  because Nova Scotia so successfully flattened the curve., while the rest of Canada and the US were unable to dance tango, except virtually! Now all of a  sudden in Halifax we  find ourselves in lockdown, more stringent than ever, the same situation  our North America colleagues have   been in for months! Of course, our American neighbours are quickly becoming fully vaccinated and returning to  restaurants, airports and dance floors.

Hopefully, Nova Scotia will again flatten the curve and by the summer we will be  able to hold outdoor milongas again and maybe even some masked classes.

Meanwhile. for the first time, I am  teaching on Zoom. I encourage those of you who were attending classes and/or practicas  BEFORE the May 2021  lockdown, to keep up your tango by joining a zoom class and seeing what’s doable as a solo dancer, or with your bubbled partner, right at home.

You can read more about my ZOOM class by checking it out on Tangonova’s schedule page.

Note: I am searching for an alternative met time for those who cannot attend on Monday.

Stay well, stay fit, and get out in the sunshine.