Let’s dance Milonga! Mood, Method, & Meter (mixed-levels)

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Date(s) - 20/11/2019 - 11/12/2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

1313 Hollis St


Four Classes, Nov 20- Dec 11
Cost: $60/students $50/couples = $100
Drop-in $18 (contact me for this option)
7 8:15 pm
1313 Hollis St.
  Anyone with some tango experience is welcome to join this class! The more the merrier. This class will cover degrees of complexity depending on the needs and desires of the participants. Call me with any questions: 902-229-8585
 Every teacher has a different set of “Basic” milonga moves, so it is worth studying with different instructors, regardless the level.
Any  steps you learn in milonga will be applicable in tango, but milonga is a different dance in terms of expression and style, so not all tango moves work in Milonga!
Definition:  the word “milonga” has two meanings:  Milonga is  a specific dance form and  music  pre-dating tango, with more  Afro-Carribean influence and a quicker 2/4 beat  than tango (4/4). However, Milonga is also the term used to indicate a social dance gathering, a tango  event, a party. At the Milonga  (event)  we dance tangos, milongas and vals (waltzes).  At the class in Milonga  we learn the dance and music known as milonga.  A class on Milonga Etiquette, on the other hand,  is about the protocols or codigos  used at the Milonga ( the social dance gathering), such as floor craft,  dance invitations, and so forth!