Meg’s Tipsy Tango Turn-ons! ( 4 week series x 2) (extended one week due to weather)

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Date(s) - 09/01/2019 - 06/03/2019
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

1313 Hollis St

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Discover the organic relationship connecting the balanced pivot of an ocho to the sending point of a boleo, the turnabout of the callecita, or the falling leg spill known as volcada.  No previous experience with these “steps” is required*.  Originally entering the tango lexicon via accident and improvisation, these moves are less steps to be learned than the consequences of changes in timing, angles, degree of turn, and dynamics of the embrace. … what they all have in common for leads is working around the  axis of the follower’s ochos they are already leading (at this level of tango). 

*Pre-requisites: facility with ochos, crossed-system walks, balanced pivots,  and basic turns.  Okay  passing-thru  moments  of  close embrace,  regardless of your embrace of choice. You may  lead everything in open,  but be forewarned, that’s less my approach. Note that these moves can be gentle, small and simple – not need to be an athlete. Above all, we want comfort in our dance!

Something for both roles!
Leads: learn to tune into the follower’s axis, steer from your own centre.  Distinguish between shared axis or  maintaining axis, moving around axis to   changing the axis point,  going from on to  off-axis. Discover  how changes of direction, timing and inclination  influence the follower’s free leg. 

Followers: practice maintaining connection on & off axis, using a  strong core with a relaxed and responsive free leg. Special attention re leg shaping, spirals and styling.Registration Details

8-9:30 pm at 1313 Hollis St

8 weeks or  two 4 week sessions!  Both series will follow the same method and focus, with  different, but not necessarily harder,  combinations in round two. You may take either 4 week session, independent of the other, but taking them together will give you more of a chance to really master  the material.

COST per person = 4 weeks :$60 / 8 weeks: $100

Single class attendance by request, based on your experience level.

Some concepts I will introduce and combine in this series. You can see why I want to offer it twice!

Back boleos (leg whips)

Axis Turnabouts (i.e. callecitas)

Volcadas (leg spills)

Enganches (a kind of wrapping leg displacement)