Info on Summer Milongas 2019

Here’s the scoop on Tangonova milongas in the summer:
I’ve booked the waterfront for the Milonga Del Puerto,  Saturdays,  June 22  thru Sept 8, 2019 from  6:30-9:30 pm (weather permitting). Last year similar schedule resulted in only 5 waterfront milongas!
BREAKING NEWS: As of July 6 we now will use Sundays as a bad weather back up, rather than 1313 Hollis.
I will use 1313 Hollis as a bad weather back up to the waterfront, when it is the only way  to ensure there’s  a milonga at least every two weeks, indoor or out. This means if the weather permits, we may dance outside two Saturdays or Sundays  in a row but if the weather is bad two weeks in a row, only one of those will be inside.The indoor Hollis St milonga 1313 starts later/8-11 pm or 8:30-11:30.
If you want to know when the milongas will be, make sure you are on my email list and/or check my web site  for latest news. On iffy weather Saturdays, location or cancellation announced by 5 pm.
Milonga del Puerto (waterfront) =   typically $5
Milonga 1313 (Hollis St/later) = $10 
If  you would like to DJ sometime inside or out, let me know.
On the waterfront we dance on rolled out vinyl sheets – 8 of them. Helpers are needed to unload, unroll and tape the floor together. Then we hang lights.  NO SPIKE HEELS PLEASE =they puncture the floor!
FYI I will be at a beach cottage Aug 14-21. There will be a milonga with Tomas at the St George Round Church Aug 17.
Are you willing to help make the Milonga del Puerto happen now and then? I will need set-up volunteers thru out the summer. To kick off the effort, send me an email with your general weekend availability June 22-Sept 8.  BTW,  unlke 1313, I cannot set up the outdoor floor alone. If no one offers  to help, I either cancel or sit at the waterfront until someone arrives. 
 Special MILONGA Del Puerto (or  Milonga 1313) :  Saturday Aug 24: Guest DJ Andrea Shepherd/Mon Tango/ Montreal and tango demo offered by Andrea and Wolf!! They will teach two classes on Sunday afternoon – see under events listings.
Contact: Margaret 902-229-8585